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YuleLog is a database program for people who collect Hallmark Christmas Ornaments.  Todd Ray, owner and author of YuleLog Software, has been keeping collectors organized since 1995. Todd has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Memphis, and a masters degree in Engineering Management from Christian Brothers College. He works as a Data Network engineer for FedEx.

Todd's wife, Donna, has been collecting Hallmark ornaments since the early 1980's. Todd  began developing YuleLog Software when his own interest in Hallmark ornaments was piqued, after Donna purchased the 1991 Starship Enterprise ornament for him as a gift. With price guide info from Ellen Gordon, and graphics courtesy of Hallmark, Todd's software has become a valuable tool for collectors who wish to catalog their treasures.

Part of The YuleLog Software website, the original YuleLog Bulletin Board only had one page. It was a combination of chat and buy and sell. Eventually, as the community of collectors grew, the bulletin board expanded to a full set of forums, and The YuleLoggers Club formed out of these boards.

You can read more about the history of YuleLog software, as told by Todd, in this post on the YuleLog boards.

Town Crier Gifts have been helping our customers in the Centerville, Tennessee area find their special gifts and cards for quite some time now. Our customers are loyal because we treat them well.

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